Concrete Services

If you have you noticed cracks in your precast concrete work, see signs of water trickling down your retaining wall, or need the entire foundation of a property constructed, you may be in need of professional concrete services. Don't wait another day. It's time to have your concrete provided by the experts at Julian Pool Decks .

It is vital for the foundation of every building structure to be stable and crack free. For reasons that may seem more obvious than others, having a well-kept foundation ensures that your home or building does not become insecure. Moreover, water leaking through the cracks could develop and mold growth could potentially harm your health. If you are noticing that any of your brick masonry or concrete may need some attention, our concrete contractor is at your service. Our retaining wall services are not only done as meticulously as possible, but we can help you avoid any health issues.

Call Julian Pool Decks today and let us help keep your walls dry and free of cracks. We’re proud to provide detailed concrete patio and deck installation to the residents of Watertown, CT!